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things about me !!

.:: Hey!!..My Name is Rachel, I live in Maryland, and I lOvE SuMmEr!! Summer is great beacause i can go to the beach , hang with friends and no school !!
Some Things about me:

Im 15 years old
I have a dog named belle (chocolate lab)
Im on a select soccer team (go black hawks)
I have a little brother(9), and a big brother(20)
I love to dance and hang with my girls
I believe in faith,love, and hope
I love to sing
I play soccer
AIM s.n= Diip itt lOw
I would love to join this community, it seems like a nice place, to just talk about whats going on in our lifes, and make new friends :-] Thank you!!

ilayOo babEz!!
--r a c h e l--
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